Inspiring Food Logos

Hey! The Thanksgiving holiday has inspired me to share these food logos with you. Bon Appetit!

Great color scheme + a great abstract marriage of tsunamis and sushi = logo love.

Jacob Cass designed this clever logo.

Happy Thanksgiving to Jerron Ames for designing this cute logo.

Mmmm… This makes me thirsty. Designed by Sergey Shapiro.

Great color scheme.

This mark is for a catering company based in Raleigh, NC, City of Oaks. Designed by Coalmarch.

Malika designed this logo for a high-end sea food restaurant.

I love the clever design made by using letters.

Really cute and simple is the way to go.

This design is clean and super fresh.

This logo was design by IamJack3. Won’t that melt?

A fruity O designed by Myco.

This is a school project by JNilsen for a company that sells food prepared from scratch with home-grown ingredients.

Cute and delicious.

A baking goddess brings a touch of Parisian chic with swirly tresses and cupcakes, cherries and hearts entwined in her gorgeous hair. Designed by Iboi.

Simple, abstract, and it looks really classy and tasty. Nice work by Sec87.


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